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New Zealand's #1 Online Shop For Sew On Patches specializes in crafting custom sew on patches in NZ for all types of garments. Our thread creations are stitched with precision and can withstand wear and tear without getting damaged. There are so many fabric surfaces like leather and nylon where you cannot apply the patches with adhesive backings. Sew on embroidered patches are a great solution to this problem. These emblems will stay stitched to your items for a very long time.

If you like your patches stitched, then we have several options for you. We can craft embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated patches that you can sew on almost anything. It is our promise to use premium-quality twill and thread and produce a durable and sturdy emblem. You can test our patch makers with tricky designs. They will always come out on top by digitizing and sewing a colorful, vibrant, and immaculate patch of any shape or size you require.

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Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio
Sew on Patches - Portfolio

Hire Pros To Craft Your Sew On Patches In NZ

Don't stress your browser by constantly searching for sew on patches near me. The pros of needlework are here to stitch small and large sew on patches for jackets, vests, t-shirts, towels, and bags. We combine a decade-long patch making experience with state-of-the-art machinery to produce supreme emblems with a perfect look and feel.

For passionate bikers, we have NZ motorcycle gang patches, and sew on name patches for companies who desire effective branding and promotion. You can get our trendy designs or come up with something of your own. We have been the patch makers that broken all the creative barriers and set unbelievable standards for other designers and embroiderers.

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NZ's Most Affordable Patch Makers has a team of award-winning designers and extensively trained craftsmen who take your vectors, texts, and images and transform them into the best sew on patches for clothes. Our wholesale prices and no minimum order limit are some of the stand-out features that differentiate us from other patch makers in New Zealand.

Customers from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Napier, Dunedin, Nelson, Hamilton, Rotorua, or Tauranga trusts our store. Our instant shipping will get your personalized sew on patches delivered to your doorstep in the flashiest of flashes. Our inventory has tons of surprises for true patch enthusiasts, but we also have the creative excellence to craft your custom emblems.

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"5 Star Rating"Top-Quality Emblems"

I have placed multiple orders at this site and always received the best sew on patches. They have never disappointed me when it comes to delivering top-quality emblems. A highly cooperative team who knows how to handle customers.

"5 Star Rating"Unmatched Craftsmanship"

I always prefer this website for sew on embroidered patches. There are no questions about their craftsmanship. When you see their products, it is quite evident that they would have been crafted by a skilled pair of hands.

"5 Star Rating"Innovative Patches For Clothes"

I love styling my apparel and always look for the most innovative sew on patches for clothes. Thankfully, I have now discovered an amazing team of patch makers who are experts in converting all types of designs and ideas into colorful crests.