How To Put A Velcro Patch On A Backpack

How To Put A Velcro Patch On A Backpack

When it comes to standing up for a cause or showing support, Velcro patches are a great choice. They can be attached to any surface and stay put really well. Most people like to put them on backpacks because they can take a beating without falling off.

But these aren’t your average patches; they’re a bit different—in a good way, of course. And because of that, the way you put them on is a bit different too. It’s important to get it right so you don’t mess up your bag. Fret not, we have you covered!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on attaching a Velcro patch to a backpack:

Add A Velcro Patch To Your Backpack In These 3 Easy-To-Follow Steps

Step 1: Prepare The Bag And Badge

This is a crucial step not only for attaching a Velcro patch but for any emblem. To start, choose the spot where you want the patch to go, and ensure that it’s completely clean and dry. After all, you wouldn’t want the patch to come off after just a few days, right? Properly preparing the surface ensures a strong bond, so you won’t have to worry about durability.

Begin by taking a damp cloth and wiping down the chosen surface. If it feels rough or uneven, use sandpaper to gently smooth the area. Then, wipe the surface again with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust. While you’re doing this, don’t forget that it’s equally important to prepare the back of the patch too.

Step 2: Consider How You’d Attach The Patch

Velcro emblems offer various attachment options, but ultimately, you’ll have two main choices: fabric glue or stitches. If you’re not familiar with sewing, your best bet is to use adhesive. It’s convenient, straightforward, and doesn’t require any special skills.

However, some people have concerns about its durability. Adhesive-backed patches may not last as long as custom sew-on patches NZ, so many prefer sewing for added peace of mind.

But wait, there are two more surprise methods for efficiently attaching a crest:

  1. Heat-Activated Adhesive Strips: These strips have inactive glue. When you apply heat to them, the glue activates and creates a bond. You can attach one of these strips to your Velcro patch for added convenience. Just ensure that your backpack’s fabric can handle the heat.
  • Glue Gun: You’ve probably seen countless 5-minute craft videos using a glue gun for various life hacks. Well, guess what? A glue gun can also come in handy for attaching a Velcro patch! It provides a stronger adhesive bond compared to regular glues.

Step 3: Show Some Attention To It While It Sticks

Once you’ve successfully attached the applique to your backpack, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your work is done. Giving it some extra attention can ensure it sticks securely. For that, you have two options here: pressure and heat.

Some people believe that additional heat isn’t necessary; applying manual pressure is sufficient for the badge to adhere to the surface. If you feel the same way, simply place a slightly heavy object over the patch to apply even pressure along all edges.

On the other hand, others argue that applying heat further strengthens the bond between the patch and the surface. However, it’s crucial to remember that excessive heat can harm both the bag’s material and the badge.

If you’re determined to use heat, consider using an iron specifically designed for patchwork. It’s safer than a regular iron or a hairdryer, which helps ensure your backpack and patch remain in good condition.

How To Remove A Velcro Patch From A Bag?

At the moment, you might be in love with your Velcro emblem, but as we all know, people’s preferences can change over time. So, it’s a good idea to know how to remove the patch in case you ever want to redecorate your backpack with embroidered patches NZ. Here’s a simple guide on how to effortlessly detach the crest from your bag:

  • For Stick-On Velcro Patches:

If you used adhesive to attach the patch, the removal process is relatively simple. Check if the badge has already started to loosen from the edges. If it has, you can simply pull it off and discard it. However, if the patch is securely in place, you’ll need to put in a bit more effort.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Soak the backpack: Submerge the area with the patch in warm water for a couple of hours. This will reactivate the glue, making it easier to peel the patch off.
  • Peel off the patch: After soaking, carefully peel the patch off the backpack. Do it carefully so you don’t end up damaging it.
  • Clean the residue: Once the patch is removed, scrub the backpack’s surface with a soft-bristled brush to get rid of any remaining adhesive residue.

This method should help you effortlessly separate the crest from your bag without causing any damage.

  • For Sew-On Velcro Patches:

This part can take lots of time. You’ll need to carefully cut all the threads that were holding the patch in place. While you can use a delicate yet sharp pair of scissors for this task, we highly recommend using a seam ripper instead. Undoing the stitches may seem like an easy job, but trust us, it can be quite frustrating. However, don’t give up; persistence pays off in this task!

The 3 Types Of Velcro Patches Suitable For Backpacks

Perhaps one of the primary reasons for the widespread popularity of Velcro patches is the diverse range of options available. These emblems come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, making it incredibly simple to create personalized Velcro patches NZ. Here are some common types of emblems you can attach to your bag:

  • Decorative Patches

Why settle for a basic and dull bag when you can personalize it with decorative patches? These emblems aren’t limited to bags; they’re a fantastic way to elevate all your personal belongings.

  • Morale Patches

Morale emblems used to be exclusive to law enforcement or military personnel, but nowadays, civilians also use them to add a touch of style to their backpacks. You can find morale patches featuring inspiring images or humorous messages to give your bag a unique and chic look.

  • Name Patches

Name badges are more commonly associated with businesses or schools. They are handy for identifying employees or labeling students’ belongings, providing an effective way to distinguish people and places.

Key Takeaway: Get Your Hands On Velcro Patches And Elevate The Look Of Your Ordinary Backpacks

Since the era of mass production, it sometimes feels like unique personalization is a thing of the past. But with Velcro patches, you can easily and affordably add a personal touch to your belongings and create a standout style. Whether you’re using Velcro badges for business or personal reasons, rest assured that you’ve made a great choice. Try them out and you can thank us later!

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